Our approach to patterning (311) Si

Buffered HF to remove the SiO2 layer


With respect to the surface:

Facets Angle
A (111) 29.5°
B (1-11) & D(-1-11) 58.5°
C (-111) 80.1°
  • The angle between (11-22) GaN and c-plane GaN is 58.4o
  • GaN (c-plane GaN) is grown on B or D facet, leading to the formation of (11-22) GaN along the vertical direction.
  • Ideally, GaN is grown only on either B facet or D facet, but not on both

Cross-sectional SEM image

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Novel mask-patterned (113) silicon: high quality (11-22) semi-polar GaN on silicon. A further generic approach to achieve different semi-/non- polar GaN











Related publication

Growth and characterization of semi-polar (11-22) GaN on patterned (113) Si substrates
J Bai, X Yu, Y Gong, Y N Hou, Y Zhang and T Wang
Semiconductor Science and Technology, Volume 30, Number 6, 2015