A new spin-out company developing the next generation of micro-LED technology has officially launched this week (4 February 2020). The company, named EpiPix Ltd, is developing and commercialising game-changing micro-LED technology for photonics applications, such as micro-displays for portable smart devices, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D sensing and visible light communications (Li-Fi).


Underpinned by research from Professor Tao Wang and his team at the Centre for GaN Materials and Devices the company is collaborating with global corporations on next generation micro-LED product developments. This pre-production technology has already been demonstrated for multi-colour micro-LED arrays on single wafers with high light efficiency and uniformity.

EpiPixLOGOvblackEpiPix is developing robust micro-LED epiwafers and product solutions for red, green and blue wavelengths with micro-LED pixel size ranging from 30 microns down to 10 microns and with less than five microns diameter prototypes demonstrated successfully.

Professor Tao Wang said: “Currently, there are a number of fundamental challenges in fabricating high performance micro-LEDs with a diameter below 5 µm, which are particularly important for AR and VR micro-display. Very recently, we have developed a novel but cost-effective approach, achieving ultra-small and ultra-bright micro-LEDs with record efficiency. These results have also been published in a high profile journal, ACS Photonics. The vision of EpiPix Ltd aims to turn the major technological breakthrough into world-leading products, eventually becoming a global manufacturer in this area in the next five years.”

Dennis Camilleri, CEO and Director of EpiPix, said: “This is an exciting opportunity, and great timing in the micro-LED markets, for turning excellent science into profitable micro-LED products. We are already engaged with industry customers to ensure that EpiPix aligns with their short-term product requirements and future technology roadmaps.”

ACS_photonics_epipixRelated publication:

A Direct Epitaxial Approach To Achieving Ultrasmall and Ultrabright InGaN Micro Light-Emitting Diodes (μLEDs), ACS Photonics, January 2020

New spin-out company developing “game-changing micro-LED technology”