device_lab2Following the success of the first Industry Open Day in 2017 the Centre for GaN Materials and Devices opened its doors once more in order to share their latest research insights and further strengthen links with industry.

The last two decades have seen major advances in developing III-nitride materials and devices which play an important role in a wide range of fields, such as high definition display, smart phones, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, satellite communications/GPS, energy efficient lighting, efficient solar power generation, visible light communication, advanced healthcare and ground-breaking biotechnology. More recently, there has been an increased focus on developing III-nitride micro-LED and on-chip integration of electronics and photonics. The key issue is the crystal quality of Gallium Nitride (GaN) grown on large lattice-mismatched substrates.

talk “Over the last 10 years we have developed a number of advanced MOVPE overgrowth techniques and novel nanofabrication techniques, demonstrating a wide range of high performance devices on cost effective substrates, such as sapphire and silicon.” explained Professor Tao Wang, Director of the Centre for GaN Materials and devices.

“The focus has been on c-plane GaN but the next generation is non-polar or semi-polar GaN where the high response time is suitable for integration with emerging technologies such as UV LEDs, Li-Fi and other telecommunication applications.”

With the aim of bridging the gap between fundamental research and real-world applications the Centre offers the full project life cycle for industry collaboration – from design, advanced epitaxy growth, device fabrication and characterisation to testing. Professor Wang also launched a new way to get involved with and help shape the Centre’s research:

“We want to offer the best support to industry and a membership option will allow us to provide expertise, future trends analysis and world-class facilities. Any company that is interested in membership is welcome to contact me.

We continue to strive for industry-ready applications for our III-nitride research and look forward to working with industrial partners in the years to come.”

erica_williamsErica Williams – Business Development Operations Manager for the Faculty of Engineering – outlined more opportunities for collaboration available to any size of business. These include consultancy, training, sponsored PhDs, student placements, help with applying for third party funding (for example the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund), access to full-scale test facilities and specialist equipment at the University.

Erica explained “Creating links with Industry drives a lot of what we do here at the University – the message is that if you have an idea talk to us and we can find someone that will help.”

The event concluded with a networking lunch and a tour of the research facilities at the Nanoscience and Technology Centre.

To find out more about our research and opportunities for collaboration or to be a part of our next open day please get in touch, sign up to our mailing list or follow us on twitter @GaNCentre.

About the Centre for GaN Materials and Devices

With 30 members, two MOCVD systems and a large number of material characterisation systems and extensive device testing facilities of a high standard for the advanced research of III-nitrides, the Centre for GaN materials and Devices is one of the largest GaN research groups in the UK.

The centre has established internationally recognised expertise in the field of III-nitride semiconductors and devices, demonstrated by a strong publication record and a wide range of citations and frequent highlights in major semiconductor magazines. So far, the team has published around 450 papers on III-nitrides, registered 20 patents and formed a spin-out company.

The Centre for GaN Materials and Devices is part of the EPSRC funded Future Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub.


Open Day promotes research collaboration with compound semiconductor industries